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Mount Fuji Glass Tumbler

Mount Fuji Glass Tumbler

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The Japanese Style Mount Fuji Mountain Glass Cup is the perfect addition for any home or office. Crafted from heat-resistant glass, it provides a durable and long-lasting cup to enjoy your favorite drinks. This modern and stylishly crafted cup will impress your guests with its unique and classic design. The Same Fuji Mountain scene makes this cup stand out from other everyday drinkware. It’s also great for cold drinks as its smooth feel keeps your beverages at the perfect temperature for maximum enjoyment. This delicate yet robust glass provides a crisp and pleasant experience making it the ideal choice for all occasions. Whether you are enjoying a hot cup of coffee, a cool glass of soda, or an icy cocktail, you can be sure that this beautiful Same Fuji Mountain Glass will keep your drinks cool and look great doing it. So grab one today and experience classic style with modern elegance!


Specifications:Glass of Mount Fuji from Japan

Material: High borosilicate heat-resistant glass

Can Withstand Temperature Difference:  -20℃ to 120℃

Package Contains: ONE Glass



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