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Hemp Non-Scratching Reusable Sponges

Hemp Non-Scratching Reusable Sponges

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Experience effortless and environmentally responsible cleaning with this set of Hemp Non-Scratching Reusable Sponges. Boasting a biodegradable scrubber perfect for kitchen and household cleaning, as well as organic scouring pads, these sponges are the epitome of luxury, offering the exclusive quality and timeless classic look that elevate any cleaning experience.


  • 100% Hemp

  • THAN WASHING DISHES BEFORE PLASTIC KITCHEN SPONGES APPEARED? Biodegradable scrubber for dishes, hand knitted from green organic materials. Eco friendly alternative to plastic sponges and metal scrubbers that can be composted.

  • DURABILITY AND PRACTICALITY Reusable Hemp scruber dries well and does not absorb odors. It can handle machine wash well and will last 5-6 months withoutlosing its appearance.

  • CLEAN DISHES WITHOUT SCRATCHES. Hemp unsponge perfectly clean dirty sink, pots, pans, plates,leaving no scratches on the non-stick coating. There is also a convenient loop for drying.



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